Computer Aid hosts week long e-learning Moodle course for Ethiopian lecturers

Moodle e-Learning Course at Mekelle University

Mekelle University has been hosting Moodle e-learning this week for its own lecturers and those from other universities in Ethiopia. The training has been delivered together by Computer Aid with its training partner the Worcester College of Technology. I flew up on Friday morning to see how the training had been going, to sit in on the last few sessions, and to thank and congratulate the 56 participants.

For those unacquainted with Moodle, it supports the lecturer to set up e-Learning courses, using a blend of web and non-web properties, such as presentations, YouTube videos, Twitter feeds and Facebook sites, mixed with the lecturer’s own notes or content. It’s open source, so no high software and maintenance fees, but it’s widely applied, so there is a community of users and supporters to maintain it. We take students through a week’s training, sufficient to allow them to develop, during the course exercises, their own e-Learning packages and courses.

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