What’s it like working in the Computer Aid workshop?

Computer Aid workshop volunteers hard at work

Computer Aid workshop volunteers hard at work

Please find below a blog post written by one of the volunteers in Computer Aid’s workshop. He talks descriptively and in detail about the variety of roles a Computer Aid workshop volunteer undertakes on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, he goes over the atmosphere in the workshop and the benefits of working for Computer Aid to a volunteer.

I volunteered in the workshop because I have more than twenty years of experience in ICT and wanted to do something to support Computer Aid.  However, you do not need to be experienced in IT to volunteer to work in the workshop at Computer Aid because you will be fully trained by experienced staff and you will be shown exactly what you need to do to test and standardize each PC.

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Computer Aid launches Best Practice Guide to IT Decommissioning

Computer Aid has been working with independent research company Vanson Bourne to establish current IT decommissioning practices in the UK’s largest companies and we found that:

• 39 per cent of UK’s largest companies do not data wipe all their unwanted PCs

• One-third have decommissioned computers containing data which are unaccounted for

• 1 in 5 senior IT decision makers in the UK are “not confident” that zero per cent of their company’s unwanted IT goes to landfill

• Only 14 per cent follow best practice IT disposal and send their working IT for reuse

These statistics are shocking, particularly when one thinks of the scale of this problem. Each of the 100 companies surveyed are among the largest in the UK with half of the respondents employed in organisations with over 1,000 staff and the other half with over 3,000. Moreover, each company decommissions just under 550 PCs each per year.

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