Guest blog from T-Herbet Johnson, ICT Supervisor at Stella Maris Polytechnic in Liberia.

Today’s post is written by a guest blogger, T-Herbet Johnson, ICT Supervisor at Stella Maris Polytechnic in Liberia. He highlights the value of donated computers from the UK’s City and Islington College.

‘Stella Maris has benefited in so many ways from the computers received from City and Islington College through Computer Aid.  Before we had only CRT monitors, which meant we had to use much more air conditioning in the labs.  They also took more power and more space in the labs.  Now that we have received flat screen monitors, we have been able to change the desks and increase the computer lab capacity from 21 to 33 machines.  This means we can accommodate more students at a time.

T-Herbert Johnson with his new computers

We use these computers to train students of different categories.  There are many students outside of IT that need computer knowledge in order to work in their different disciplines.  With these computers we were able to increase our capacity from two computers labs to three labs, one internet café and one testing centre.   You will see computers from City and Islington College in each of these facilities at Stella Maris.

All of the computers that we have received from the College are Pentium 4, this allowed us to upgrade as previously we were using only Pentium 3 machines.

Since we received these computers, we have been able to train over 1,000 students in areas such as ICDL (International Computer Driving License), database management, IT Essentials, accounting packages like Quickbooks and CISCO Certified Network Associate training.  That number was achieved because of the capacity that we have had since these we received these computers.  We couldn’t have trained that number of students with the limited number of computers we had before we benefited from City and Islington College computers.

ICT training at Stella Maris Polytechnic

Part of the outcome from these trainings, we have three of our current staff members who were actually students of Stella Maris who were trained as CISCO Certified Network Associate; they have now been hired by the college.  Many other students we trained have since been hired as IT staff at other institutions in Liberia.

In short, I am very grateful for the donation that was made.  With that, I was able to exercise my ability to train more students.  Training students in Liberia in IT is my vision, and this donation has made it possible to achieve this.  If we had the capacity to train even more we are ready and willing to do so.’

 T-Herbert Johnson, ICT Supervisor, Stella Maris Polytechnic


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