Guest blog from PC donor, Hornsby House School!

Hornsby House have just donated their unwanted ICT to Computer Aid and Alistair Gerry, Assistant Head and Head of ICT at the school, contributed the following to our blog.

“As Head of ICT at Hornsby House School, an independent co-educational prep school for 4-11 year olds in Wandsworth, London, I know how important ICT is to children in the UK. It’s essential for all the pupils at our school to gain a good understanding of ICT and to start learning the skills required in the wider world – and the children here use ICT for everything from researching projects to playing games, reading and art. Having seen the benefits that computer skills can bring to our pupils, we wanted to help ensure children in developing countries also get the chance to learn these skills as IT literacy is essential for children the world over.

 “As part of the school’s five-year plan for expanding our ICT facilities, we replaced and upgraded 36 computers and, instead of sending them to be recycled, we wanted to make sure that they could be used by children in developing countries who also need to learn these essential ICT skills but have far less access to computers than children in the UK.

“We decided to donate the 36 computers to ComputerAid so that they would have a new lease of life. These ex-Hornsby House computers were collected, data wiped and refurbished and are now on their way to a range of projects around the world, including Chilenter, an organisation in Chile, whose aim is to ensure that schools in the poorest and most isolated areas have access to ICT.

“We are very happy that these computers will contribute to the excellent work being done by ComputerAid and their partner organisations in developing countries and hope to be able to make further donations to ComputerAid in the future as we continue to replace our school computers every four years.”

Thanks to Hornsby House and all our other donors for your equipment this year, it’s very much appreciated!


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