Top ideas for a fantastic festive fundraiser: how to get your office involved this Christmas

Dig out your baking trays and put on your Santa hats- it’s Christmas and there’s no better time for fancy dress, fun and frolicks!

Christmas is the perfect time to get the whole team together whether its a quick office whip-around, mince pies (and mulled wine?) on a Friday or your Christmas party! And whether you can fundraise for £10 or £10,000 your support will help us combat poverty through practical ICT solutions this Christmas.

We’re raising funds this Christmas to help even more people access the tools they need for development. Getting your office involved in fundraising is a great way to support us- and it’s also great team fun!

Here’s some Christmas fundraising ideas to get your office in the mood this Christmas

A Computer Aid Christmas Party!

Hold a raffle or talent auction to add a bit of excitement to the office party or charge a small entrance fee to come along.

Give it a fancy dress theme, provide some traditional Christmas games, mince pies and mulled wine to make it a party to remember!

Christmas challenge

Get competitive this Christmas! Pitch marketing against sales in some festive games and charge those who enter. Get adventurous with mince pie eating and christmas tree assembling competitions and you could even charge the audience!

Friday treats

Add a bit of sparkle to your Friday with mulled wine and mince pies. Ask everyone for a small donation to join in the festivities at the end of the week.

Be a Christmas Elf

Wrap Christmas presents, peel potatoes or write Christmas cards for your colleagues and donate your earnings to Computer Aid!

Donate your cards

Ditch the cards this Christmas and send merry Christmas emails instead- get everyone involved and you won’t end up with piles of Christmas cards and the money you would have spent will help us combat poverty- far better than yet another Rudolph card!

Bag packing

Help someone pack their potatoes and bag up their bacon for a few hours and take donations for charity! Just ask your local supermarket or shop

Collecting change

A quick office-whip round or a moan jar in the office could see your office making a real difference to the lives of people around the world.

Carol singing

Get a group together, lay down your cap and sing a tune for Computer Aid- Jingle Bells might go down better than Silent Night if you’re not the favourite at Karaoke Night!

Dress up day

Charge everyone £1 to come in fancy dress- and £2 not to!

Nominate Computer Aid for 2012!

Keep the team motivated with engaging fundraising projects all year- we can work together to achieve tangible goals with global reach- get in touch for more info!

What’s it all for?

Computer Aid works to reduce poverty through practical ICT solutions. We work with schools, hospitals and charities in over 100 countries to give people the tools they need to improve their employment, health and development prospects.

We have big plans this Christmas to help even more people access the tools they need for development- please help us achieve our goals this Christmas– a little goes a long way.

Get in touch!

We’re here to help with ideas, tips and advice whether you want to donate £5 or embark on a fundraising project for £5,000 so please do get in touch!

 Whatever you do- enjoy it!

Christmas fundraising should be funs so whatever you get up to this festive season make sure it puts a smile on people’s faces!

Merry Christmas!


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