How donated PCs are helping pupils in Ecuador

We’ve had some great feedback from one of our partners in Ecuador, the Fondo Ecuatoriano de Cooperacion para el Desarollo (FECD) who have equipped hundreds of schools across Ecuador with computers donated to Computer Aid.

Consuelo Rivadeneira, whose children attend the Angel Héctor Cedeño school in the Manabi province that has received PCs donated to Computer Aid has said:

“Now we can equip schools that never had a computer before and it is very important for children to have IT skills these days. Thanks to this project, the children have an access to technology that we, parents, couldn’t have and I am very happy that they have this opportunity.”

In the past four years, Computer Aid has dispatched more than 4,000 refurbished computers donated by UK organsiations to the FECD in Equador. The PCs have been used to reduce the digital divide that exists in rural areas of Ecuador by providing high quality refurbished computers to schools, colleges and civil society organisations.

Equipping schools with computers means that they can provide lessons in basic IT skills which will give their pupils the opportunity to look for higher income employment in the future. As well as teaching IT skills, the provision of IT in schools can also help improve the lesson content in other subjects as it helps teachers to demonstrate difficult or less interesting subjects in a visual format. With PCs and IT training, many teachers are downloading and using free educational software to support them in teaching key subjects such as maths and languages.

PCs donated to Computer Aid and sent to the FECD has given up to 67,000 students who may otherwise not have access to PCs the opportunity to gain IT skills – which we think is a fantastic result!


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