Would your company sponsor a ZubaBox?

Today’s an exciting day at Computer Aid towers as we are launching the ZubaBox for corporate sponsorship! The ZubaBox is constructed from used shipping containers and fitted with computers which run on solar power and has been developed to provide rapidly deployed low power computing solutions to areas that may otherwise not have access to electricity or ICT such as very rural areas or disaster zones.

One of the main barriers to sustainable development in many communities is the lack of electricity and internet and we hope the ZubaBox will provide one of the solutions to this issue and help bring forward numerous ICT4D projects in rural communities.

A number of ZubaBoxes have already been deployed to inKenya and Zambia and have had really positive benefits on the local communities.

Schools are sharing access to the ZubaBox, giving hundreds of children the opportunity to learn new skills and boost their future employment prospects. Local individuals have received IT training whilst entrepreneurs are using the internet to research business ideas and access new markets. Farmers are accessing local weather forecasts and adjusting planting and harvesting times to increase agricultural productivity and food security. Furthermore, healthcare practitioners are able to go online to receive up-to-date training and communicate with the wider medical community.

Because the ZubaBox provides ICT anywhere and to anyone it has the potential to positively impact all areas of development – health, education, business and agriculture – in one single project.

With companies increasingly looking for corporate responsibility projects that make a real and lasting impact on poverty relief we really hope that there will be lots of interest!

If you think your company would be interested in sponsoring a ZubaBox then please click here for some further information or send an email to corporate@computeraid.org

We are hoping to send 10 ZubaBox’s to rural communities by the end of the year and we need as much support as possible to achieve our target!

For more pictures of the ZubaBox please see our Flickr account.



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